The K-Client is a Client modification of the game Teeworlds.
Modification by Krisko and Ice*CreamXx


  • 64 player support
  • Connect multiple tees to different servers
  • Clickable links
  • Chat-colors in f1
  • Ingame serverbrowser
  • (ingame) Changeable fonts/gameskins/menu background/entities
  • A chat
  • Some bots (there is also a version without bots if you prefer that)
  • Games (2048 / Snake)
  • A bind menu for the extra stuff
  • Companions that are just flying at your side and don't really do anything (well, Navi makes noises!)
  • Some translations
  • Ultra professional update notifications (but it just links to this site, so you have to download it by yourself again)
  • A not-so-serious developer
  • A lot of unnecessary stuff
  • ... and much more

Changelog 1.7:

  • Use variables in the 'say' command and in the remote console. Type 'rcon_say_help' in the console for more info about it
  • Command 'netclient_connect' is now able to connect netclients to a specified host/ip
  • Use 'bind x' to see what you bound on key x
  • Fixed bug where some maps didn't download
  • You can play on fng2+ without being falsely recognized as a bot - with the botless version

Changelog 1.6.2:

  • Added option to display player id's above their names (like in debug mode)
  • Fixed emoticons selected from menu not working

Changelog 1.6.1:

  • Fixed mouse sensitivity scrollbar
  • Fixed not being able to copy unlimited lines from console

Changelog 1.6:

  • Added safety stuff from Teeworlds version 0.6.4
  • Added option to change the particle and emoticon skins (put them in your teeworlds folder /data/particles/ or /data/emoticons/)
  • Fixed demo camera lagging
  • Fixed line-copy not working in chat console
  • Fixed "new message"-Notification not hiding when closing an unread tab in the chat console

Changelog 1.5.1:

  • Added Security Token for spoof protection (from ddnet)

Changelog 1.5:

  • Hook will stay outside when opening the menu or chat
  • Added line-selection in the console (copies to clipboard on mousebutton release - only on windows version)
  • Fixed some special characters not being copied/pasted correctly
  • Fixed votes not being removed when joining while a vote is active

Changelog 1.4.2:

  • Fixed rcon not showing additional commands after adding another netclient
  • Fixed damage indicators (stars) sometimes not deleting when adding a netclient
  • Fixed info from buttons in the console rendering underneath the console

Changelog 1.4.1:

  • You can now disable notifications for versions with "just bugfixes"
  • Fixed message notifications from nymia being stuck after you read the messages

Changelog 1.4:

  • Added option to spectate people while playing (of course only if they get snapped)
  • Added option to change the background color of x-ray
  • Added bind for +k_hooklines (hold key instead of toggle)
  • Added Dummy options
  • Removed disconnect message (doesn't work anymore. lol)
  • Changed some options (Nymia, Companions, Controls). Combined Player and Tee tabs
  • Serverinfo now always shows the correct server address
  • Fixed rainbow not working correctly

Changelog 1.3:

  • Added companions (Thanks to VelonoX for images)
  • Added hooklines (Extras -> Help)
  • Added option to change chat colors (Customize -> Chat color)
  • Added polish language (Thanks to mkjol)
  • Players in Nymia are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed crashbug that sometimes happened when you activated ping in hud and there were too many projectiles/explosions
  • Fixed crashbug that occured when you added a netclient on a ddnet server (because ddnet sends you 2 different maps now)
  • Fixed password popup not showing up when connecting a second netclient to another server with password
  • Fixed bug where you didn't see commands in f2 with a new netclient
  • Fixed bug where deactivating super dynamic cam caused the normal dynamic cam (if activated before) to also deactivate
  • Maybe fixed nymia follow crashbug ._.

Changelog 1.2.1:

  • Added version without bots
  • Added cinematic camera mode thingy... just for fun (Extras -> Camera)
  • Added rainbow (Customize -> Tee Skin)
  • Added a new game (Pong)
  • Optimized Snake a bit
  • You can now change the netclient while downloading a map
  • Fixed a crashbug
  • Fixed a bug where you didn't see rcon commands with netclients > 0
  • Fixed some smaller bugs